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The Family Ice Center, located just north of Portland in Falmouth, is Southern Maine’s premier year round ice skating and community center.

We offer a full complement of year round skating based programs that include public skating indoors and outdoors, on one of Maine's finest, refrigerated outdoor skating surface, the Lee Twombly Pond Skating Center at FIC.

Board of Directors

President: Godfrey Wood

Vice President: Bill Welch


Gerry Nadeau


Dana Twombly

Charles de Sieyes, MD

Family Physician

Alan Wolf

Councilor at Law

Karen D. Schilling

Speedskating Coach

Sally A. Morris

Attorney at Law

John Hart

IDEXX Laboratories

Dina Z. Potter, MD

Email: N/A

Mission Statement

Family Ice Center (FIC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 1997 with a mission to serve the southern Maine community through recreational skating. FIC provides a safe, healthy, family-oriented skating experience year-round in our community. We offer a comfortable, well-designed, indoor and outdoor skating center that serves as a gathering place, with ice-related recreation and viewership as the primary activity. We provide specialized skating opportunities for those who would otherwise not be able to participate due to social, physical or financial circumstances.

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T: 207-781-4200

E: josh@familyice.org

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20 Hat Trick Dr.

Falmouth, ME 04105

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