Welcome to Family Ice Center

The Family Ice Center, located just north of Portland in Falmouth, is Southern Maine’s premier year round ice skating and community center.

We offer a full complement of year round skating based programs that include public skating indoors and outdoors, on Maine’s only refrigerated outdoor skating surface, the Lee Twombly Pond Skating Center at FIC.

Opportunity Skate

Serving Those In Need Through Skating

Through our skating based community out-reach program and scholarship fund, Opportunity Skate, we offer ice time, equipment and instruction at no charge to youth groups, disadvantaged children, senior citizens, teens at risk and to programs that support the mentally and physically challenged sector of our community. The program presently serves over 2,250 individuals and 49 different community support organizations each year and donations are always needed to support our efforts to assist those who truly need a helping hand. Opportunity Skate helps build character, self esteem and a sense of self worth through skating to all who participate and is the corner stone of our facility mission. We are serving the community through skating one stride and dollar at a time.

Our Nonprofit Corporate Mission

The facility is privately owned and is managed by Family Ice, a 501-C3 nonprofit corporation, with a company mission to serve the community through skating. The Family Ice Center provides a safe, healthy, family oriented skating experience that is inclusive within our community. We envision offering the community a comfortable, well designed, indoor & outdoor skating center that serves as a gathering place, with ice related recreation and viewership as the primary activity, while providing specialized skating opportunities for those who would otherwise not be able to participate due to social, physical or financial circumstances.